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Competition Countdown - Are you ready for this season?

“He’s making a list... He’s checking it twice”

That’s right folks, just like Santa in December, there are many things to consider and prepare you for a great competition. With Destination Dance’s first competition of 2019/2020 season approaching, it’s never too late to make some final adjustments before the long competitive weekend.

Here are some of our 2-3 week countdown tips that will help you get focused physically and mentally:

  • We’re not joking about the lists! As we sit making our final adjustments, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Destination team are working through lists. Make them anyway you want; Some people like to write things down in one comprehensive list that they tick off in any order that they can. Some like to categorise lists into types, such as ‘costumes’, ‘accommodation’, ‘schedule’ and so on. Whatever way you do it, start it now. You will be surprised how big a list you can create within the last weeks of comp prep.

  • I know, we say it in almost every blog, but practice is the best preparation. Think of all the things that judges are looking for- technique, choreography, precision, presentation, formations. And drill them! Do a technical warm up before every performance. Make your timing so tight that the nerves won't budge it. Make your formations in group pieces so precise that no matter what space you are in you always feel that it is right. Perform your work without music and still hear it in your head.

  • Have a dress rehearsal- Ask your teacher to organise a dress rehearsal evening, and invite the whole school. Perhaps all of your teachers can sit at a table in front of you and write feedback, just like the judges will on the day. This will prepare you for having an audience there, which is extremely different to practice in a studio.

  • Knowledge=Confidence Whatever competition you are preparing for, do a little research. Look at the competitions website, their social media, the venue of the particular one you are attending, the whole schedule (not just the parts you are involved in), the judges (if they have been released). As the date gets closer, the more you know about the event the calmer you will be.

  • Speaking about calm...Practice being calm! Senses of both calm and confidence are learned behaviours. They don’t always come naturally, so start practicing them in preparation for the big day. Think about it when you are at school, at home, at dance class and when practicing your routines. You need to be mentally prepared as well as physical so that your nerves and excitement don’t take over. Think like an athlete. Focus.

  • Pack your competition costumes EARLY! Don't leave it until the night before and panic when you can't find all the things you need! Start hanging costumes up now where you can see them- Not only will this make packing easier but it will help you visualise the end result.

  • Prep an emergency bag- Think about all the possible things that could go wrong and PLAN for them. If you have an answer ready for anything, you will not give your brain a chance to panic. Here are a few ideas...First Aid Kit, Sewing Kit, Dance Practice Clothes, Spare Undergarments, Miniature Hair and Makeup Kit, Warm clothing, A Towel, Baby Wipes...

  • Last but not least... check out our other blogs! There are multiple tips and tricks in each one, designed to help you prepare for competition days.

But what if I have an unanswered question?

I hear you cry! Them head to the forum page and ask! Either a member of our team, or someone from the loving dance community will be able to help... because


Writer – Stephanie Clark Porter